What Tools Do I Need for Metal Fabrication?
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What Tools Do I Need for Metal Fabrication?

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There are many applications for metal, and metal manufacturers can use almost a variety of tools when manufacturing custom products and machinery. Metal undergoes various processes including shearing, bending, forming, punching and stamping. In this essay, we will introduce you several tools that you will use when in metal fabrication.


1.         Shrinker / Stretcher

2.         Sheet Metal Corner Notchers

3.         English wheel

4.         Multi Press

5.         Polishing Hammer

6.         Punch and Flange Tools

7.         CLECO fasteners

8.         Angle grinder discs

9.         Throat-less shear

10.    4 ½-inch or 6-inch angle grinder

11.    Auto-darkening helmet

12.    Wire cutters

13.    Cutting glasses

14.    Drill bits

15.    A backpack

16.    Angle finders


l  Shrinker / Stretcher

These tools are ideal for body trim, door panel edges and openings.

The contractor USES a set of jaws to pull the metal edges inward from opposite directions, causing them to contract and form an internal curve. Instead, a stretcher USES a set of jaws to stretch the metal outward in different directions.

l  Sheet Metal Corner Notchers

These tools are available in bench or floor mounted models and are used to cut notch corners of sheet metal.


l  English wheel

English wheels work by passing a piece of metal between a rolling upper wheel and a smaller lower anvil wheel. The smaller wheels have curved surfaces and are interchangeable. Although they are easy to operate, English wheels do require patience and practice to master.


l  Multi Press

These are used exclusively for bending sheet metal. There are several models of multi presses to accommodate sheet metal of different levels of thicknesses.


l  Polishing Hammer

Rough forming first shapes the metal with tools or mallets; then the surface is smoothed out with the polishing hammer.


l  Punch and Flange Tools

These convenient tools are easy to use for crimping flanges on metal plates. They can provide quick and accurate results. It works as an air punch and an air collar for auto body repair.


l  CLECO fasteners

This nifty tool temporarily fastens multiple sheets of metal (typically aluminum) together before the pieces are permanently joined.


l  Angle grinder discs

This set can include grinding wheels, which can be super abrasives or conventional abrasives, depending on your projects; cutoff wheels; and flap discs, which are used for finishing; and wire wheels.


l  Throat-less shear

This tool is made for achieving straight, curved, or irregular cuts on a metal project. It has three holes for simple mounting and features a tall handle that gives you the leverage necessary to easily cut stainless or mild steel and aluminum.


l  4 ½-inch or 6-inch angle grinder

This hand held power tool is used for cutting, grinding, and polishing different types of metal.


l  Auto-darkening helmet

These helmets can range anywhere between $200 to $400, every sheet metal fabricator should invest in a dependable auto-darkening helmet for the occasional project that requires a lot of welding.


l  Wire cutters

Every handyman should own a reliable pair of wire cutters for snipping frayed ends.


l  Cutting glasses

Safety first. Because sheet metal manufacturing projects are usually large, they can pose a greater risk of accidents. A strong pair of cutting glasses will help reduce the chance of injury in an accident.


l  Drill bits

A standard length drill bit and a shorter, machine screw drill bit are good starting points.


l  A backpack

You need to keep your tools and haul your tools back and forth, so invest in a sturdy backpack.


l  Angle finders

Most good Angle detectors are made of stainless steel or high quality aluminum, which are often used by most sheet metal manufacturers, so it is usually recommended to spray on a good piece of equipment.


You can use the Swiss Army Knife, but first make sure you have the basic equipment. The traditional high-quality tools described above can help you complete projects of any size throughout your career. For more information, please contact us.


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