Frequently asked questions when metal stamping parts are produced
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Frequently asked questions when metal stamping parts are produced

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The development of metal stampings can be said to be relatively difficult, so many people will not know much about this industry. Here's a quick answer to some of the problems with metal stamping.


Development of the stamping industry

Problems and causes when metal stamping parts

Solution to the problem of metal stamping parts


Development of the stamping industry


l  The degree of specialization is gradually increasing, the scale is formed, and the economic benefits are improved.

After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, the stamping industry has shown a rapid development trend. Enterprise ownership has begun to change to private ownership, and the location of enterprises has begun to concentrate. The governments in these regions have begun to realize that the development of characteristic industries is conducive to the government's increase. The fiscal revenue is conducive to the optimization of the structure of the industry, is conducive to the employment of local residents and increase income, and is conducive to the sound development of the regional economy, so it has made great efforts to build a characteristic industrial base.


l  Increased capital investment, enhanced research and development strength

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a number of foreign advanced technologies were introduced, but there was insufficient investment in hardware and software for digestion and absorption. Market competition is actually a contest of technical strength. Many universities in China are engaged in scientific research, and many theoretical research, scientific research results, and patent papers are quite high, but they are not tightly integrated with production. The government has gradually increased its emphasis on this, increased investment, and continuously enhanced scientific research personnel.


l  Raw materials and related technology improvements

Mechanical basic parts are generally produced in batches, in large quantities, and also have many varieties and high processing precision requirements. Therefore, the production process and equipment are required to be high and the investment is large. After a long period of development, most of them have adopted high-efficiency and high-precision special planes, production lines or flexible lines to achieve efficient and automated production. And state funding enables small businesses to be free from financial constraints, increase investment, increase the number of advanced equipment, and upgrade related technologies.


Problems and causes when metal stamping parts


1.metal stamping parts do not match the shape and size. The main reason for the shape and size of the metal stamping parts is that the rebound and positioning are not allowed. In addition to taking measures to reduce the rebound, the reliability of the blank positioning should be improved.


2. Metal stamping parts surface strain. The surface strain of metal stamping parts is caused by improper material selection, low heat treatment hardness, poor finish, worn corners of the die, poor surface quality of the curved blank, poor material thickness, unreasonable selection of process options, lack of lubrication and so on.


3.metal stamping parts

a. When the angle between the bending line and the embossing direction of the sheet does not conform to the specified layout, the bending line should be perpendicular to the embossing direction when the unidirectional V-shaped is bent; when the bidirectional bending, the bending line and the embossing direction are preferably 45 degrees. .

B.metal stamping parts material is poorly plastic.

c. The bending radius is too small, and the pickling quality is poor.

d. Insufficient lubrication - high friction.

e. The concave and convex mold fillet radius wear or the gap is too small - the feed resistance increases.

F.metal stamping parts The quality of the blank shearing and punching sections is poor - burrs, cracks.

g. The material thickness is seriously out of tolerance - difficult to feed


Solution to the problem of metal stamping parts


1. The shape of the stamping and forming process should be as simple and symmetrical as possible, and be formed as much as possible;

2. Parts that need to be processed multiple times, under the premise of ensuring the necessary appearance quality, respond to the internal and external appearance of the traces that can occur during the processing;

3. Under the premise of ensuring the installation requirements, the response should have a certain slope on the sidewall of the stamping part;

4. The spacing of the hole edge to the side wall on the bottom or flange of the stamping part is appropriate;

5. The bottom and wall of the stamping part, the flange and the wall, and the corners of the corners of the rectangular part should be suitable;

6. The scale marking of metal stamping parts, which cannot be labeled together with the internal dimensions.


This industry will continue to develop, and you now know better about this product than others. Our company will also provide you with better service.


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